By Jim Colton

Our industry is constantly changing.  And as with any evolutionary process, newspaper photographers need to adapt...or they will face extinction. Photographers are continually faced with new challenges, new technology and new needs. In addition to satisfying their print versions they must now take care of their web sites and their voracious appetite for multimedia, galleries and videos.

They must do so in order to remain relevant in the workplace while at the same time, attempt to retain their individuality. There is nothing more sacred to a photographer than having a strong and unique visual voice. So how does one go about dealing with new technology and the new workload without compromising that voice? With all the recent newspaper layoffs, and publications settling for “serviceable,” and un-vetted citizen journalist imagery, how do you stay current and vital in a market that seems to be placing less value on the work of professional photographers?

Look no further for your answers than to Brian Peterson at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

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