Tampa Bay Times: The Intern That Could

By Jim Colton

Internships. The very word strikes fear and apprehension into the hearts of the thousands of college students and grads who apply for them every year as they take their first steps on their chosen paths.

There are many misconceptions about internships and depending on the size of the newspaper and its internal structure, responsibilities and expectations will vary. But in most cases, the benefits of an internship will be what the intern themselves can make of it...within the confines of the organization.

Will there be days where the mundane is the required action of the day…where filing or captioning or the grunt work of producing a daily newspaper consumes you from dawn to dusk? Yes. It’s all part of the program. But more often than not, you will also find opportunities worth pursuing...stories or subject matter that spark your synapses.

So how does one go about chasing those stories? How can you best take advantage of your time and energy once you’ve landed that internship? To find the answers to these questions, Photo Journal had a conversation with and examined the work of Tampa Bay Times Super Intern Eve Edelheit.

Read the interview here: https://nppa.org/node/42644